'The Wand' - Pain Free Anasthetic

Opal Dental is proud to use the latest in PAIN-FREE TECHNOLOGY! "The Wand" is a computerized injection delivery system that can precisely control the rate of delivery of the anaesthetic, resulting in little or no pain and a superior numbing effect. The Wand also removes the hours spent after a conventional injection with a droopy lip or numb tongue due to the smaller amount of anaesthetic used. The best part is that it's shaped like a pen, you won't even be able to tell it's a needle, perfect for needle-phobics and young children!

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

If pain free dental treatment appeals to you, but you are still looking for something more to overcome your anxieties, we also offer nitrous oxide sedation or "happy gas." It is a way to reduce a anxiety and pain, leaving you more calm, relaxed and comfortable experience at the dentist.


The surgery is equipped with an OPG machine which allows the dentist to take a full mouth or panoramic x-ray of the lower face, demonstrating the number, position and growth of all the teeth including those that have not yet surfaced. It is useful in providing a general assessment and diagnosing and treating a wide-variety of conditions such as dental trauma and infections

Digital X-ray

Opal Dental is equipped with the latest in digital x-ray technology.The VistaScan Mini image plate scanner has allowed us to take and scan your x-rays directly at the chair side with full flexibility. They are then read out in top quality within seconds. Further, your digital x-rays and images taken by our intra-oral camera are directly available for viewing, all from the comfort of your chair. Your dentist will use a screen placed right in eye-view, to describe and explain to you exactly what is occurring with each tooth.


We strictly observe all guidelines for infection control between each patient. All handpieces (drills) and instruments are autoclaved after each and every patient. We create a unique ID number for each instrument used, which is digitally tracked and stored by the autoclave. Our well-trained staff, Disposable plastic sheets are placed on all points of contact to prevent cross infection
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Opal Dental is a Medibank Private, BUPA and CBHS Member's Choice Provider. Medibank, BUPA and CBHS members will receive higher rebates on dental services than if they were to see non member choice providers.

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