Gum / Periodontal Treatment

Gum Disease

Gum disease is an infection of tissues that support your teeth. The disease is caused by different types of bacteria found in the plaque/ tartar that build up on your teeth. Healthy gum will look pink and firm and it will not bleed.

When there is plaque accumulation around the teeth it causes infection and inflammation around the top part of the gum. This is called gingivitis and needs good normal scaling/cleaning by the dentist and good oral hygiene regime by you. But when the infection and inflammations spread to the periodontium ( deeper structure of the surrounding tooth tissue) it is called periodontitis. This needs deep scaling/or deep cleaning and sometimes needs a specialist referral. Generally, the dentist will give an injection to anaesthetise the area of teeth before they do the deep scaling.

Few signs of gum disease

You might experience bleeding gum, bad breath, tooth pain, very sensitive teeth, gum recession and also mobility of the teeth.

Possible complication after deep scaling

Teeth sensitive for a few weeks to months If the gum is swollen considerably due to infection there will be shrinkage of your gum indicating that they are healing. Tenderness around the gum after the deep scaling for few weeks but eventually it will subside.