Implant Restoration

What is implant?

When the tooth is missing or been extracted it is replaced by artificial tooth like restoration. Usually the root device is made out of titanium and surgically placed inside the bone and artificial crown in joined to resemble the tooth. Generally surgeon might do the implant and advice you to wait few months for the bone to integrate with the titanium screw before you are ready to place the implant restoration.

Advantage of having dental implant

  • It looks and feels like your own teeth
  • Do not need to remove like denture

Possible complication

Involve surgery ,so like any surgery it also carries risk and complication depend on the location inside the mouth.

Even though it is attach inside the mouth permanently it does need good oral health maintenance otherwise can develop implantitis or infection and inflammation around implant and may need removal.

What does it involve?

Surgeon inserts the implant inside the bone surgically and leave it for few month for it to integration with bone and heal well. Then the healing cap is removed and impression taken and send to laboratory to construct the crown. Once it is arrived from the laboratory it is screwed in to the tooth.