What is a mouthguard?

A Mouth Guard is a guard used during contact sports, to protect your teeth, gum and jaw from injury. It is available in different colours and types.

Types of mouth guard

  • Custom fitted mouthguard
    This is made by your dentist to fit snugly on the teeth and surrounding gum. Studies have shown that a custom mouth guard will provide higher protection for your teeth during injuries.
  • Ready mate mouth guard
    This type of mouthguard is purchased over the counter in the chemist or sports shop and moulded by the patient to fit the teeth and gum. Since it does not fit snugly in the mouth, studies show that it does not give the same amount of protection as the custom-fitted mouthguards.

Will a mouth guard protect the teeth 100% during an injury?

NO, we can not guarantee that your mouthguard will protect you 100% but it will decrease any injury significantly, similar to the practice of wearing a helmet to protect your head while riding your bike.

How do I get the custom-fitted mouthguard?

On your first appointment, your dentist will take an impression of your teeth and gums which will be sent to the laboratory to create a custom guard in your choice of colour. For your next appointment, in roughly 4-5 working days, your dentist will insert the mouthguard, check that it is fitting properly and give you instructions on how to use and maintain it.