Teeth Whitening

Many people desire to have whiter teeth after factors such as age, coffee, tea, soft drinks, tobacco, and alcohol can over time reduce the once bright white appearance of your smile. If you’re looking to reduce the discoloration of tooth enamel caused by the daily grind of your life, make an appointment at Opal Dental and speak to your dentist today about your options!

Types of whitening

1. Chair side bleaching
Your dentist will apply the bleaching agent in the dentist chair, The treatment will take approximately 1 hour time and you will be able to notice the results immediately. However, due to the intense bleaching it is possible that the teeth may become more sensitive than home bleaching and you find the need to use pain killers following the treatment.

2. Home bleaching given by the dentist
At Opal Dental we recommend teeth whitening through a home bleaching kit specially designed for you. First, your dentist will take an impression or mould of your teeth to send to the laboratory to create a snugly fitting bleaching tray. Your dentist will then provide you with the bleaching kit with your custom made specially designed tray with instructions on how to apply it every night for a period of 1-2 weeks. Since it is a custom fitted tray, you can ensure the bleaching agent will not seep on to the gum, which will thereby prevent any soft tissue damage and also allow the dentist to provide you with a higher concentrate bleaching agent.

What are the side effects of bleaching agents

  1. Sensitive teeth
  2. Over bleaching of the teeth can cause damage to the enamel
  3. Damage to the inflamed or disease gum

For more information, regarding teeth whitening please read advice provided by the Australian Dental Association here: