The Dental Crowns and Bridges – The Best way to Restore your Smile

Crowns & Bridges – dental prosthetics are the best way to enhance and restore your smile, oral health, function and appearance. They are the most reliable and time tested style of treatment when coming to restoring the function and appearance of your teeth. 

What are Crowns & Bridges?

The Dental Crowns:  They are caps which are customly made to fit and place above a damaged or a decayed tooth to revive its aesthetic appearance, size and strength. 

The Dental Bridges: They are used to pack the gaps which are created due to one or more than one missing teeth. They are fixed onto the adjacent teeth, and include false teeth in the place of missing teeth. 

Why Choose these Dental Prosthetics?

Crowns and bridges, made from porcelain and ceramic materials, along with restoring your oral health, also improve your smile aesthetics which increases your inner self confidence and strength.

The durable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing crowns and bridges fit perfectly in your mouth with a natural look and feel. We, Opal dental, with Toongabbie dentists, experienced with best advanced crowns and bridges treatment are here to restore your brilliant smile!