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Japanese scientists are getting ready to kick off the very first clinical trials of “tooth regrowth medicine” at Kyoto University Hospital, according to The Mainichi.

Researchers from the Japanese startup Toregem Biopharma are currently enrolling participants with congenital anodontia, a condition where people are born without some or all of their teeth, for these trials.

Here’s the plan: They’ll be giving these participants an antibody treatment to stop a protein called USAG-1 from blocking the development of tooth buds into actual teeth.

Usually, people dealing with this condition have to opt for implants or dentures. But Toregem’s treatment offers a new option, as explained by co-founder Katsu Takahashi in a statement quoted by Nikkei Asia.

The trials aren’t just for those born without teeth; they’re also looking to help people missing teeth due to cavities. So who knows, maybe in some years you too could be able to grow your own new teeth!!!