Night Splint

What is a Night Splint?

A night splint is also known as “night guard”. It’s a custom made oral widget that is worn while sleeping in order to prevent tooth wear and tear, jaw tension and the effects of teeth grinding. 

Advantages of Night Splints

  • Preventing wear and tear: It safeguards your teeth from the negative effects of clenching and grinding, thereby preventing your teeth and enamel from damage. 
  • Reduction of Jaw Tension: It relax your jaw muscles and reduce the pain & discomfort of TMJ disorders
  • Gives a Peaceful sleep: The night splints provide you a more comfortable peaceful sleep by minimizing teeth grinding and tension of jaws.

Potential Complications

The Night splints are very much safe, but poor fitting and incorrect usage can lead to jaw pain, changes in bite and increased salivation

Say Goodbye to the jaw pain, teeth grinding discomfort and restore your peaceful sleep with our precisely made night splints 

Procedure Overview

  • Custom Fitting: Your teeth impression is taken to create a night splint which fits into your mouth perfectly.
  • Period of Adaptation: It takes you a short period of time to get adapted to wearing the splint at night
  • Regular care and maintenance: The condition of the splint is assessed and adjusted through regular dental check ups

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